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Case Study
How Intelsat, the world's largest satellite company, migrated business-critical data, problem-free.

New Watchwords for Networked Storage Data Migrations.

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Vicom offers third-party Service and Support for Active Storage system installations.
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Vicom Announces FCmeter Plus Solution
Apple Video SAN Performance Acceleration and Streaming Management

Vmirror 8G High Availability and Data Protection Solutions
Turn Apple Xsan and storage into bullet-proof solutions for video post-production and creative applications
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FlexDM Non-Disruptive Migration Services
Migrate large SAN data stores online or offline without interrupting systems or applications

Case Study: Heterogeneous SAN Migration
Learn how Vicom provided heterogeneous data migration services while meeting rigorous operating requirements for a multi-billion dollar IT outsourcing company

 Data Migration
Non-disruptive, No-outage Data Migration
Built on Vicom's experience in hundreds of enterprise migrations, FlexDM services take migration to a new level with non-disruptive, no-outage operation.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Vicom's turnkey data migration services