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Automation Software

Migration for even mid-range systems may involve tens to hundreds of servers, storage systems, and LUNs. To deal with this complexity, Vicom employs software automation tools that eliminate the time-consuming configuration and troubleshooting that can make even small-scale migrations difficult.


Prior to each migration, Vicom employs discovery scripts that map the entire server, storage, and SAN fabric configuration. Once the SAN is mapped, FlexDM's Surveyor software imports the configuration data and checks for migration plan inconsistencies (for example, intention to migrate data from larger to smaller LUN).

Migration Planning

migration planning Surveyor software creates a migration plan for review and approval by key IT personnel before the migration is initiated. The completed migration plan includes easy-to-understand source-to-destination listing, migration sequencing, setup diagram, action item assignment, and key migration contacts.


Once the migration plan is approved, FlexDM Director software uses the migration appliance to test the plan against the physical and logical SAN configuration. This verification step verifies the migration logic before starting the process, avoiding the need to troubleshoot after the migration.

Data Migration

When authorized, a Vicom migration specialist uses Director software to initiate the migration based on Surveyor plan contents. Automated management enables the specialist to manage and monitor the entire migration from a network-based console. Director software continually monitors migration progress and in the unlikely event of migration difficulty, can direct fall back to the original storage system configuration.