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FlexDM™ Data Migration Benefits

Business Benefits

  • business benefitsNo Business Interruptions. Keep your applications up and running as data is migrated in the background over several weeks. Or, migrate data offline at high speed during weekend maintenance periods. Either way, FlexDM migrations minimize impact on your business operations.
  • Saves time. FlexDM migrations are 4-6 times faster than host-based migration methods, saving you time and money. Most midsized migrations can be completed online over several weeks or offline in 1-3 weekends.
  • On-time Completion. Vicom will migrate your data with no risk of unplanned downtime. FlexDM appliance technology and software simplify migration and mapping, while also automating the most labor-intensive processes.
  • Cost-Effective. FlexDM migration services are priced at a fraction of commercial migration alternatives. Turnkey migration, a comprehensive offering that includes server remediation, is backed by a money-back guarantee of on-time completion. For large data stores, migration services are priced individually, based on terabytes, servers or daily rate, depending on your selection.

Unique Project Benefits

  • Flexible Migration Services. Whether your migration involves SAN, SAN and NAS, specialized LUN needs, or legacy systems, FlexDM gives you choice - offline, online, turnkey, or a customizable migration service mix.
  • Migration Expertise. With experience from hundreds of enterprise migrations, Vicom specialists support each migration from start to finish. All Vicom specialists have experience in delivering heterogeneous and legacy system migrations under tight operating deadlines.
  • Non-Intrusive Migration Technology. Vicom's migration technology and methods provide a secure, non-intrusive approach to data migrations. An in-fabric appliance installs and migrates data while systems remain online without changes to the SAN or host systems. No agents or software are required on host systems - "musts" for security-sensitive financial and government applications.
  • Easy Management. A four-step migration process simplifies planning and coordination and provides control and visibility over all key migration steps. All Vicom migrations have a guaranteed fallback option to original system configuration.