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Customer Case Studies

Customers for Vicom Systems' products and services are used in a broad range of organizations from global corporations to small and medium enterprises. We invite you to read our case studies to learn how you can benefit from our offerings.

Data Migration Services

Vicom data migration appliances and turnkey services have been used at over 500 companies to move more than 5 petabytes of data for more than 11,000 servers of all makes. We partner with storage system manufacturers and storage-focused resellers to migrate data for their customers. These customers include major financial institutions, insurance, manufacturing, utilities, telecommunications, federal and state government, business services, and healthcare organizations to name just a few. Read more.

High Availability SANs

In addition, our mirroring appliance solutions provide answers to high-performance, data protection and disaster recovery needs in manufacturing, health care, publishing, advertising, and broadcast industries. Read more