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Founded in 1996, Vicom Systems is headquartered in Santa Clara, California in the heart of Silicon Valley. The company is privately held.


Vicom specializes in the application of "transparent, wire-speed data services" to solve key data storage-related problems for medium and large enterprise customers. Today, Vicom delivers services and products that mirror, route, and migrate data across server and storage platforms in complex enterprise environments. Chief advantages over competing alternatives include simpler management, higher performance, greater reliability, and superior affordability. Vicom holds six patents in appliance design.

"Not only does Vicom's appliance ensure we get uninterruptible access during post-production operations...but it enables us to easily scale up performance and availability as we grow our SAN."
Jeffrey A. Howard, Senior Executive
Engineering & Broadcast Technologies
NFL Films/NFL Network

Mirroring Products

Using a purpose-built, SAN appliance platform, Vicom offers high-availability mirroring and routing products that offer seamless compatibility among all makes of new and legacy storage systems and servers. Implementation in a purpose-built, all-hardware appliance enables high-performance throughput, clustering, instantaneous failover and recovery. Centralized administration on the Vicom appliance simplifies management by eliminating need for distributed "endpoint" management.

Enterprise Data Migration Services

Vicom also uses the SAN appliance with different software to provide turnkey enterprise migration services in partnership with leading SAN vendors and resellers. Delivered by Vicom specialists that have experience in delivering over 500 enterprise migrations, these services are backed with a money-back guarantee of on-time completion. Vicom technology advantages are derived from a combination of: hardware speed, and reliability; software automation of labor-intensive operations; and fabric-based virtualization that eliminates need for labor-intensive, system configuration.