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Data Migration Technology

FlexDM data migrations are powered by a purpose-built, all-hardware appliance that moves data at Fibre Channel wire speeds. To achieve seamless interoperability, Vicom's patented block-level virtualization technology creates a SAN connection platform that migrates data transparently between host and storage platforms regardless of make, model or version.

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Block-Level Virtualization

Transparent connection between appliance and systems eliminates time-consuming configuration by migrating data without modifying host OS, drivers, Fibre Channel switch connections, or connection type (FC or SCSI). In addition, unlike SAN virtualization platforms that depend on ASICs and third-party products and drivers, the Vicom appliance uses an all-Vicom design with no external dependencies. The result: assured interoperability with new as well as legacy platforms.

Simple, Non-Disruptive Installation

Inserted into the SAN fabric while systems remain online, the FlexDM appliance is installed one data path at a time onto the existing storage system. Once a data path is restored, the appliance passes data transparently between hosts and existing storage system. No changes (configuration, agents or software) are required for host, storage, or SAN are needed, making FlexDM ideal for many financial services and government organizations.

High-Speed Data Mover

The Vicom migration appliance moves data independent of servers and storage at maximum rated speed up to 7 terabytes per hour (depending on storage I/O capabilties), enabling midrange migrations to be completed in 1-3 weekends when performed offline. Clustered architecture makes it possible to use multiple appliances cooperatively, delivering multiple terabytes per hour of throughput if required.

Transparent Migration

The FlexDM appliance uses block-level virtualization technology to route, replicate, and monitor data changes as data is migrated between existing to new storage systems. Changes occurring on the existing storage volume during the initial migration process are used to update the new storage until data on both systems are in sync.

All-Vicom Design

By controlling all software and hardware in the FC data path, Vicom ensures both backward and forward compatibility and problem-free migrations regardless of whether the environment consists of new or legacy systems.