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Data Migration Process

Vicom follows a four-step migration process that simplifies migration management and facilitates communication and coordination with the customer site. These processes include discovery, planning, preparation, and data migration.

Under FlexDM turnkey services, Vicom assumes responsibility for all process steps. Under the migration assistance options of FlexDM Data Center Services, process steps are handled either by Vicom or the customer, depending on service specifications. To simplify coordination and scheduling between Vicom and client site, the migration process follows four simple steps, as depicted below.

FlexDM Four-Step Data Migration Process

FlexDM Migration Process


Discovery information is used to create a Migration Plan and reference document for the migration that receives approval by participants before the migration proceeds. Migration planning includes action item assignment, key contacts, source-to-destination mapping and a setup diagram. The Migration Plan also covers potential risk factors and contingencies such as shutdown, bring-up, and fallback implementation.


To verify physical and logical migration feasibility, the migration plan is tested against the physical configuration and connections.

  • Discovery and Planning. Server-attached LUNs and storage network topology are discovered in a site survey and recorded. Migration details are planned.
  • Storage System Preparation. Basic performance analysis, RAID group planning, and LUN provisioning are conducted prior to the data migration.
  • Verification. Vicom software checks configuration map for inconsistencies in the migration plan against the physical configuration.


Data is migrated to new storage system automatically according to the migration plan. Upon completion of the migration, data migration logs and LUNs are tested for successful migration. The migration appliance is removed from the SAN.

Once this process is completed, servers are remediated to the new storage by either Vicom or the customer. A migration completion report is then sent to all migration participants.