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FlexDM™ Data Migration Services

In today's enterprise, never-ending data growth means more frequent data migrations. Whether you're consolidating resources at a new data center, re-purposing legacy systems, or performing a "technology refresh," migrations consume a disproportionate share of budgets, staff, and management resources. Today, two out of three enterprise migration projects are late, over budget, or adversely impact business operations.

Moreover, these problems are no longer confined to large systems. Even mid-range storage migrations now involve tens to hundreds of terabytes, servers and LUNs. While midrange migrations have traditionally been handled as in-house projects, the complexity and risk of these undertakings has brought about a need for better alternatives.

Non-disruptive, No-outage Data Migration

Built on Vicom,s experience in hundreds of enterprise migrations, FlexDM services take migration to a new level with non-disruptive, no-outage operation. Your applications stay online while data is migrated in the background. Or, migrate data offline at high speed during planned weekend maintenance periods.

Available in a flexible range of service offerings from turnkey delivery to migration assistance with large data stores. FlexDM services not only reduce project risk but also save time and money with faster, more economical delivery than in-house alternatives.

FlexDM services enable you to migrate data faster, easier, and at lower cost

Tailor migration services to your particular needs and resources

Migration Appliance Technology
FlexDM migration appliances install and migrate data without changing SAN, storage, or host systems

Automated SAN mapping and migration management reduce labor and eliminate errors

Vicom's proven, 4-step migration process simplifies migration management and coordination among site operators and users