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Vmeter SQM

Xsan Bandwidth Management and Monitoring tools

Implementing a storage infrastructure that supports the peak bandwidth of all clients is very costly. During fast forward editing, file copying, or data archiving operations, clients can request up to six times the bandwidth of video broadcast or ingest, with the latter operations still requiring a guaranteed storage bandwidth for smooth operation.

With Vmeter SQM software, allocation of client bandwidth is easier than ever. Simply select a client and adjust the guaranteed minimum bandwidth and the maximum allowed bandwidth sliders. For non time-critical servers, slide "guaranteed minimum bandwidth" to zero and "max bandwidth" to the desired level. For ingest, select a guaranteed minimum bandwidth value that is sufficient to ensure that frames are not dropped. Then, view real-time statistics per client or over the entire XSAN with Vmeter bandwidth statistics tools.

See what Turner Studios says about Vmeter here.


  • DEMO - Emulate an operational SAN running Vmeter
    Downloading VMeter GUI onto an Apple computer and select VMQOS/Demo to emulate multiple active hosts running on a SAN with Vmeter installed; loads and runs in seconds.
  • 4-hour free trial
    Vmeter operates 4 hours without license. Rebooting the SAN clients will restart 4-hour trial. Longer free trial periods available upon request.

Download Vmeter 2.0 Package for full operation of Vmeter which contains Vmeter GUI, Vmeter Client, Vmeter Manager and the Vmeter Users Guide. Vmeter Users Guide provides a full software description and installation instructions.

For multiple SAN's per client configurations, please contact Vicom for multi-SAN beta software.