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Vmirror 8G
High Availabiity SAN Appliance for Xsan-compatible Storage Systems

Vmirror 8G

Built for 8-Gbit per-second performance, Vmirror 8G is a high-availability appliance built for enterprise-grade protection of Apple video and IT systems. Vmirror appliances add continuous, high-availability access and data protection to large-scale, Xsan-compatible storage systems: key requirements for many digital video post-production, broadcast, and creative workgroup applications.

Vmirror appliances are easily inserted into Xsan 2 storage systems. To connected hosts, Vmirror-protected Xsan-compatible RAID storage appears as an unbreakable volume, impervious to component outages that also supports "hot" SAN/storage maintenance without requiring host downtime. Mirroring, failover, and failback are managed automatically by Vmirror, and are transparent to host system operations. Vmirror operates independently of attached servers and workstations and has no impact on application performance. No host software or drivers are required, simplifying both installation and administration.

Proven Applications

Broadcast, advertising, and publishing organizations from large to small use Vmirror to protect and guarantee access to their data. Today, NFL Films, Korea Broadcasting, Associated Press, the Richards Group, Transcontinental, the New York Times, and local television stations use Vmirror in a variety of applications that include post-production, business-critical file server, and broadcast operations.

Key Benefits

  • Continuous, uninterruptible data access. Vmirror 8G is an easy way to create continuous, high-availability, data protection for Xsan-compatible SANs. Used with Apple Xsan, the Vmirror appliance quickly transforms RAID-based storage into a cost-effective, redundant storage system.
  • Failover and failback. Instantaneous, hardware-based failover and failback of storage system access compliments high-availability, Xserve host operation and uninterrupted video streaming.
  • Performance acceleration. Vmirror's 8GB/second throughput and embedded, dual-path hardware mirroring deliver exceptional streaming performance for both video and IT applications.
  • Centralized administration. All data protection and availability administration is centralized one Vmirror appliance.
  • Heterogeneous host and storage support. Vmirror supports up to 96 host systems (8Gbit) and up to 16 Xsan-compatible RAID systems with no software, host agents, or specialized drivers. Supported host systems include OSX, Windows, Linux, and VMware.